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Consider having Geof Isherwood give your art
the professional, in-depth analysis it deserves.


During the last few years, numerous websites have cropped up that offer “how-to” tutorials on drawing comics.  Suppose you want your own work critiqued?  This is where the "Isherwood Method" comes in. Be it a personal drawing or a full-length comic story intended for submission, Geof will scrutinize your work and show you how to improve your technique. Along the way, he will assist you in highlighting your strengths. He will also challenge you to tackle those weaknesses that may have been holding you back.

He will assist you in focusing on such foundations as:

  1. Anatomy
  2. Lighting
  3. Layout
  4. Storytelling
  5. Inking
  6. Adding drama/ uniqueness to your characters.

Using a combination of text, sketches and personal tips, Geof will specifically highlight those principles with which you can improve your work.  With these lessons in mind, you will be able to incorporate these techniques in all subsequent situations. Once you have received the primary critique, Geof will welcome all of your follow-up questions regarding that original piece.  These are no "one-and-done" sessions.

These critiques are particularly intended for those young artists who are looking to improve their craft; for those intermediate artists putting together submission materials, and for those who feel their completed stories require a sharp editorial eye, from visuals to text. Complete with suggestions and corrections. 

Many editors will say, “this hand looks wrong”, and leave it at that.  Geof will, on overlay, draw the structure and finishing details for you. He will simultaneously explain what he he is doing so that you will immediately learn what to do to make your art the best that you can possibly make it—and to use that knowledge each time you are required to draw hands.

Geof's bold, figurative talent was formally recognized when he received a scholarship to attend the prestigious Banff School of Fine Art at the age of sixteen. Geof took five years of art training and graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts at Concordia University, Montreal, Quebec. While there, he fine-tuned his drawing skills as well as gleaning incomparable experience in the disciplines of sculpting, print-making and painting. In the year following his graduation, he spent time in New York learning the specifics of comic art and figure drawing from such dynamic artists as John Buscema and Larry Hama.  All of this is accompanied by over twenty five years of full time work in comics and movies. Each step of the way, he continues to add technical tidbits from interacton with Photoshop and other computer programs. Despite the incredible input these programs permit, Geof has long ago learned that, the higher the quality of the original art, the more powerful the final result.

Given his lifelong interest in teaching, Geof feels it is time to pass on his know-how to you by showing you how to increase the impact and authenticity of your own work. Geof offers this service at a reasonable rate, from $30 for a single drawing, $50 for one page, to $40 per page for multiple pages.  For full length stories, Geof will set a special, all-inclusive price for you, including script editing.

So have your scan ready.  What you learn today you can use as the building blocks for a career—be it in the fast-growing field of on-line comics, movie storyboarding or commercial design and illustration.





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