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What is it that makes an original work of art by Geof Isherwood so compelling? Here are some emails from some who wished to share their reactions to the Isherwood magic. Please feel free to send an email (click on the box above) with your own comments.



Just to let you know I get a real kick out of those EBAY auctions. A new show every week, no having to drag through rain or sleet or heat waves. I sort of see it as my own private "Isherwood Reality Show." Between those red-hot Erox mamas and ripped-torso superheroes, I can never predict what you're going to do next. Sure keeps me hopping! 

Bruce MacDougall, Toronto


Isherwood, you deliver! Your rendition of Conan not only rocks, it makes me rock. Can't wait to see what you do with the scene I've got in mind
for a Red Sonja battle.

Garnet Pavacek, Chicago, Ill.



There is no better Conan artist around,
I have several of Geof’s pieces and will get more. No collection is complete without an Isherwood.

Normand Beaulieu 
(Nova Norm a.k.a. MR. SATAN) — 
stuck in Vancouver but always from Montreal.




Buying comic art over the years has definitely been a better education than art history class. Talk about "hands-on"!  Comparing the different artists, I began to see the difference between a schlock-meister and a truly gifted creative talent. There's no other way to put it:  Geof is one of the rare ones.

 Sida Turvek 
New York 


"Mystique" is absolutely stunning. Now there's a woman with Attitude spelled with a capital "A". Sleek and self-confident, her alluring
cat-ate-the-canary smile leads one to surmise
as to the true intentions of this super sleuth
with trophy-head jewelry. 

"Mystique" represents the eternal threat 
of womanhood to mankind.  Even his
subtle shadings in the background  serve to project
the power of the figure.  This led me to do an interesting art history search looking
for women's faces over the centuries. 

Now of course de Cherico challenged 
thought in abstract forms but only three artists 
that I have found so far have conveyed the worldly and perhaps conniving expression: 
daVinci's Mona Lisa, Goya's Dona Isabel
and Largillière's Mille Dubois. 
Now there is a new candidate: 
Isherwood's "Mystique!"

Susan Davey, Virginia


The brilliant and underrated Geof Isherwood, 
Silvestri's inker on the first run, assumes center seat as penciller and inker here, providing some of the finest acting and storytelling I've seen in comics. Geof's wonderful subtlety here, with the careless posture of Zenobia's sleep evolving into her horror at Conan's confession required no written dialogue from me to convey the punch in the face the queen was experiencing. In fact, dialoguefrom Conan would have only gotten in the way.

Christopher J. Priest, January 2002



When I started collecting art, it was solely 
for investment purposes. 
Even if I didn't like the picture, friends 
and my local comic book seller 
insisted that I would be sorry if I bought 
just for pleasure. But as the years passed by, 
I realized that my quest for names alone 
was blinding me to the art itself. 
I even realized that I couldn't stand 
some of the pieces. 

With Geof's art, not only 
am I never disappointed, but that thrill 
at first sight is re-lived every time I look 
at one of his paintings.

Brian McKavolitch, Idaho 


 How to take the first step to being a collector? For a start, you can't make a good decision based on Wizard's golden boy of the month. Trust yourself.

Does the composition totally grip you? 
The artist's way with a brush and color? 
Does it grab you in a special way? 
Geof's art does it for me, every time.

Janna Pickering,



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