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What's News With Ish?

October 2009

Geof was brought in to storyboard a film for the younger set, The Mountain, with former actor ( from The Fall Guy), and now director since 1995 Douglas Barr. Geof also drew up the concept for the massive underground cavern, and the treasure map the kids will use to find the elusive Mask of the Aztec Sun God.

September 2009

Geof appeared at the new and expanded Montreal Comic Con, meeting a large number of fans, and taking a few minutes to meet with artist Herb Trimpe, old friend Dale Eaglesham and also Lou Ferrigno, not tinted green for the occasion.

August 2009

Sadly, Geof lost his wife Sonja Skarstedt, to the cancer she had been fighting for over two years. At the same time, he was hip-deep in storyboards on the movie Barney's Version, drawing exceptional praise from Richard J. Lewis, the movie's director (creator of CSI) for completing work even during these dire circumstances.

July 2009

The month is off to a hot start, as Geof zips into storyboards
for made-in-Montreal comedy Fatal Bazooka. Geof is also
working on Part 3 of Lani the Leopard Queen and
adding fresh chapters to his Erox graphic novel.

Just as Geof wrapped his Fatal Bazooka
assignment, he signed on to do storyboards
for the film adaptation of Barney's Version,
the legendary Mordecai Richler's last novel.
Richard J. Lewis will direct the film
which will feature such luminaries as
Dustin Hoffman and Paul Giamatti.


June 2009

Aside from a brief storyboarding stint on a chiller-thriller called
Geof is putting the finishing touches on the second
episode of Lani the Leopard Queen for Zuda. He will soon be working on storyboards and illustrations for a new 'MOW' (movie of the week).


May 2009

Between final illustrations and storyboards for the Phantom,
Geof is preparing the second episode of Lani the Leopard Queen for Zuda. Part Two will feature solid action, which Geof
hopes will provide balance and insight into the
initial dream sequence.


April 2009

The month has been hopping, from storyboarding and special illustrations for The Phantom movie, currently filming in Montreal. Geof also received calls from the legendary Cirque du Soleil to do illustrations whose energy resonated with the Cirque's upcoming extravaganzas.

Geof is also preparing the next installment of Lani the Leopard Queen for DC's Zuda Comics. The first installment received highly-mixed reviews due to its comprising a dream sequence. This was made all the more challenging by the need to convert traditional 11"x17" size comic pages into half-size, in tandem with the 8-page limit. Nevertheless, Geof is utterly delighted by the multitude of kind words and helpful suggestions by those who took the time to post their comments and votes on Zuda. And hopes that readers will be pleasantly surprised by the next installment of Lani.

Because of all the activity, Geof has not had the usual amount of time for bowling and was looking forward to a Strike 9 tournament on April 11th. However, the Rose Bowl's ancient computer system chose that Saturday afternoon to break down. "Next year!" he vowed with a sigh and valiant thumbs up.


March 2009

The month is off to a hot start with Lani the Leopard Queen, who makes her premiere on DC's Zuda Comics. Geof is also working on illustrations and a very special prop for The Phantom, movie-in-the-making. On the extracurricular front, his bowling continues to skyrocket. Click here to watch Geof's Hot New Triples.


February 2009

The Phantom lives! Geof will be working with director (The Last Templar) Paolo Barzman on storyboards and developing a unique style for a brand new Phantom movie to be presented on the Sci Fi Channel. Geof will also have input on the costume design for the revamped, modern-day Phantom.

Between completion of creative bursts of his GN Erox, Geof also returned to Lani. His bowling continues to evolve, as indicated in this video taken February 2nd.


January 2009

Happy New Year, One and All!

Geof is steaming away on all four burners these days. He is in the process of wrapping Robert E. Sandiford's GN, Great Moves, a series of erotic tales.


December 2008

Geof continues cooking up scene after riveting scene for
his Erox graphic novel between some of the most
dynamic Ish commissions you'll ever see. On the leisure side,
h e also manages to maintain a 220+ average during his treks
to the bowling alley.


November 2008

Geof's schedule is percolating, from his steamy GN EROX to concept art and storyboards for The Turk, a Montreal production still in development. He also inaugurated a new addition to his website, Commission of the Month, which will feature hot-off-the-drawing-table creations.


October 2008

Geof's GN Erox is rolling along, from sensuous harem beauties to boisterous troll battles. Geof also enjoyed some brief storyboarding interludes with Montrealers Annie MacDonald and documentarian Paul Carvahlo, who is putting the finishing touches on a film on the formerly mysterious Quebec figure Paul Sauvé.


September 2008

Along with a number of fresh mesmerizing commissions, Geof is back on the boards with Pierre Gill, Québec cinematographer, putting his magic touches into a film-in-the-making called Turk: "When a gifted engineer's comfortable life is ruined by a rival, the chess-playing automaton he invents gives him and his family a chance to start a new one. Inspired by the true story of Baron Von Kempelen, who traveled through Europe to play against famous historical figures, from Catherine II of Russia to Benjamin Franklin."

Covert as Chitty Chitty Bang Bang's own Caractacus Potts hammering away in his late night garage, Geof has been silently but surely penciling and inking more of his long-awaited Erox epic.


August 2008

Geof is now officially underway with the full illustration of his
much-anticipated sizzler of a graphic novel, EROX . Concurrently, Lani the Leopard Queen is undergoing minor changes, from a new character to a nefarious plot twist.


July 2008

Geof is back on track with a stunning array of sizzling fresh commissions.

Finally—Geof's long-trusted assistant, Colleen McCool, updated Ish's Ultimate Gallery. Feast your eyes on Geof's hot new commissions:



Geof's lucky bowling streak continues: on Canada Day (July 1st), he happened to be holding that evening's winning ticket. However, in order to collect the whole pot, he had to first bowl a tricky spare shot set up by the lane organizers. His wife Sonja captured the action and placed the vid on her YouTube Skarwood Channel.


June 2008

Geof continues with a fascinating mix of new commissions and the Soul Arch Saints graphic novel. Sweetest surprise of the month took place on June 4th, during a three-game evening with the local bowling league. There was a sudden explosion of wild cheering as Geof pulled off a rare 7-10 conversion. "Wow," he exclaimed, "the only way I could top that would be with a perfect game." To everyone's amazement, he did exactly that, bowling 12 strikes in a row during the third game. Geof's wife Sonja pulled out her camera in time to capture the tenth frame of Geof's very first 300 game, complete with rousing follow-up, and has posted her latest mini-film on YouTube's Skarwood Channel: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=chCYZe-mbPQ.

The Rose Bowl Lanes are notoriously tough, due to a combination of factors (from archaeic pin-setting machinery to unpredictable lane conditions). Following his big game, one employee told Geof that she has not seen anyone bowl a 300 within a league during her 8 years of working at the Rose Bowl Lanes. [However, phenomenon Jean Lafaurie has bowled at least 2 perfect games during non-league sessions,
one of which, witnessed by Geof, Sonja and manager Tony,
took place in March 2006].


May 2008

Geof has been deeply immersed in the Soul Arch Saints graphic novel, as well as some smashing new commissions (which will soon be available for public viewing on his Webshots Gallery). He and his wife Sonja finally made the decision to join a bowling league at Montreal's Rose Bowl Lanes, and on Tuesday, May 27th, he pulled off the league's highest men's score to date: a wopping 270. Way to go, Ish!


April 2008


On Saturday, April 26th, at Montreal's Rose Bowl Lanes, Geof teamed up with the one and only 'RoboJean' Lafaurie for the first Strike 9 Tournament of the year. Geof and Jean rolled three 220+ games to win second place, only 13 pins behind the winner!


February-March 2008

Despite one of the most non-stop schedules he has ever experienced, Geof managed to slip off to Montreal's Rose Bowl Lanes and keep his average well above the 200 mark. We have added a few new clips to the Skarwood Cool Bowling Webshots site: click here to enjoy! 


January 2008

Skarwood recently updated its Webshots to include a video album. Watch Geof bowl a strike here! Please excuse the present primitive appearance of the film clips until we update equipment. 


December 2007

Geof continues with Soul Arch Saints. He also wrapped a brief storyboarding stint for The Factory, Aussie dynamo Morgan O'Neill's provocative new film. On the personal front, Geof and Sonja are looking  forward to the happiest, healthiest New Year's Eve in their thirty years together.


November 2007

Geof's work on Soul Arch Saints continues, along with some challenging, imaginative local (Montreal) film scene assignments. Killer Wave, a Montreal-made thriller storyboarded by Geof's in 2006, aired on November 23-24th.  On the personal front, Geof is amazed by  the miraculous outcome of what had been a dark prognosis for his wife Sonja back in May. Following several courses of chemo, her surgery took place in late October, resulting in complete eradication of the nasties—thus a total success. Both are still catching their respective, highly-thankful breaths. 


October 2007

Geof recently agreed to proceed with the illustration of Soul Arch Saints, a brand-new large-scale graphic novel. The story centers around an indie rock band and its leader Maddox, who engages in extreme sports. Every time there is word of disastrous weather, Maddox and company race to catch the storm so that he can take full advantage of wild winds and wicked waves.  Shades of death-defying snowboarding off thousand-foot rocks, tidal wave surfing and catch-the-clouds dirt-biking.


September 2007

Geof continues full-tilt on a number of projects, including the Great Moves Sandiford GN, his own Lani and a sizzling variety of commissions. He also wrapped another storyboards gig for David Winning's horror extravaganza, Swamp Devil, whose production is now underway in Montreal.


August 2007

Geof managed to take some time out between graphic novels and commissions to check out the controversial Body Worlds 2 exhibit down at  Montreal's Old Port. His conclusion: this show is a  must for any artist who seriously respects anatomical accuracy! He also bowled three 250+ games in a row one recent Sunday afternoon.



July 2007

Amid the occasional steam but for the most part comfortable temperatures, Geof is forging ahead on all four burners. Between graphic novel input and sizzling commissions, he will be storyboarding with director David Winning on a demi-reprise of the cult classic Killer Bees.


June 2007

Despite an unexpectedly hectic month of  May, Geof continues on course with the slowly-progressing yet thrill-a-minute Lani the Leopard Queen. He has also been drawing some hot new commissioned art as well as Robert E. Sandiford's saucy graphic novel, Great Moves.



May 2007

Geof continues along on a diverse whirlwind of activity, from storyboarding an episode of the spine-tingling Dead Zone to continuation on the development of Turk, to completion of his own Erox and Witches and Goddesses Collector Card Series, some rollicking commissions and of course, Lani the Leopard Queen. On the recreational side, Geof's bowling (he particularly enjoys bowling with local anomaly Jean Lafaurie)
has been on a consistent upswing: in late April he rolled his first 725 triple, including two games that each totaled 257.



April 2007

It's back to the realm of storyboards for Geof—from Turk, a fascinating figure from 1760 who invented the first mechanical chess game, to a brief return to Corto Maltese, between glimmers of Robert E. Sandiford's new graphic novel, Great Moves.


March 2007

Geof wrapped up a scintillating selection of commissions, including the most unique portrait of Cat Woman he has ever painted; the inking and colouring of an electrifying Tiger Shark pencilled by M.C. Wyman; a bombastic Thor. These and other treasures soon to be uploaded to Ish's Ultimate Gallery.


February 2007

Geof delved into some preliminary storyboards for Remstar's new adaptation of Hugo Pratt's Corto Maltese, the wayfarer of a nonchalant sailor who lands himself in all sorts of globe-trotting adventures. The first book in the film series, "The Fable of Venice," is slated for pre-production this summer.


January 2007

Happy New Year, All!


December 2006

Among this month's juicy line-up of assignments is a series of concept illustrations for a new Canadian TV show in the works. Kikitronic centers around an all-girl pop group whom aliens suddenly transform into superheroines.


November 2006

Lani the Leopard Queen is stealthing along between a wide range of assignments, including a brief storyboarding stint on War Games 2, currently set to start filming in Montreal.


October 2006

Geof will be participating in Wonder Woman Day — check out this gorgeous fund-raising auction. Meanwhile, Lani the Leopard Queen is pouncing along between autumn leaps and bounds. This lushly-illustrated, high octane adventure for kids features Geof's most spectacular art since Lincoln-16.


August-September 2006

Lani the Leopard Queen is pouncing along —a nasty new wildcat and heart-stopping storm scene having been added to the action-packed cast and story—between brief yet sizzling stints for the local film community, some rather unique commissions and an eye-popping cover for an upcoming issue of Maisonneuve magazine.


July 2006

Following two unexpectedly hectic months, Geof's fascinating adventure of a young teen lost on a big island wilderness run by a secret feline society—Lani the Leopard Queen—is back on track toward long-awaited completion. Geof is also happy to relay that another project, his ULTIMATE GALLERY, is now up and running.

Next phase: a section featuring some of Geof's famous Marvel
and DC covers, along with some eye-popping pin up art. 

On Friday July 7th, Darren Aronofsky and his entourage made a pilgrimage to Montreal for a sneak preview of THE FOUNTAIN. Geof attended the special presentation along with cast and crew, after which Geof met briefly with Darren, reiterating the universal response to date: from breathtaking story to brilliant directing, The Fountain is an indisputable winner.


June 2006

Geof just launched into a storyboarding/concepts assignment
with director Bruce MacDonald on a new thriller called Killer Wave being filmed in Montreal and Nova Scotia.


May 2006

Amid steaming ahead on Lani the Leopard Queen and other projects, Geof is designing and laying out the cover for
Glen Bonham
's rollicking joy ride of a first novel,
The Elvis Interviews. Long live the King!


April 2006

Now that he has cleared two storyboarding assignments for upcoming TV commercials, Geof is gung-ho back on the trail of Lani the Leopard Queen. He has also been dipping into the Erox narrative, concocting new twists and turns for
what will be a most sizzling ride.



March 2006

Geof is currently working on a hot new graphic novel called Johnny Repeat. What if you got to re-live the future knowing everything that happened in advance? 


February 2006

February is turning out to be another bustling month for Geof. Among his various projects, he is doing storyboards for a new sci-fi flick being produced in Montreal, called Race to Mars.



January 2006


Surprise! Geof just completed the first four pages of UBI, one of his many simmering projects. Thus UBI will make his debut in Suley Fattah's Drawing the Line 2. Stay tuned for details.


December 2005

As 2005 wraps, Geof is deeply honoured to learn that multifaceted writer, thinker and Jeopardy champion Michael Rankins named him Artist of the Year. On his Swanshadow web site, Mr. Rankins presents an insightful entertaining graphic/textual analysis of Geof's work. 

2005 has been one of Geof's most productive years. In addition to completing the layouts for his children's graphic novel,
Lani the Leopard Queen,
last summer marked his return to painting (oil on canvas). Do take a moment to view his new web page featuring his four most recent paintings.


November-December 2005

Geof is back on track with the polished panels that will comprise the final 142 pages of his graphic novel, Lani the Leopard Queen. He is also close to completing a commissioned oil painting featuring felines. A new page featuring Geof's oil and acrylic paintings will soon be added to this site.

Above: a brand new Isherwood creation
and graphic novel in the making! Glydia and Krugall
follows the adventures of a beautiful, faerie who is
followed by Krugall, a lonely, hyper-protective troll.


October 2005

Geof is working with director Renny Harlin (DIEHARD 2, CLIFFHANGER) on a ghoulish new chiller called THE COVENANT, slated to film in Montreal this month.


September 2005

Geof is completing the third of three new oil paintings.


August 2005

In celebration of STAR TREK's 40th ANNIVERSARY, Geof has been chosen by Rittenhouse to do the portraits of the nine main Voyageur characters—from Captain Janeway to Seven of Nine and of course, Neelix—for a special set of commemorative cards slated for publication in 2006.


July-August 2005

Geof is into the home stretch of layouts for his 140-page graphic novel, LANI THE LEOPARD QUEEN. He begins each day drawing the finished panels of this spectacular story.


June 2005

Geof is completing two new paintings. One, acrylic on canvas, depicts a jungle warrior overlooking the Serengeti. The other, in oil, depicts a tropical garden filled with mysterious felines.


 April-May 2005

In celebration of EROX, his sizzling graphic novel in progress, Geof launches his very first Collector Trading Card, featuring  the bounteous courtesan Almorra. 



March 2005

Geof met with documentarian Paul Carvalho to discuss scene recreations for The Geometry of Love. Based on Margaret Visser's book about the life of Saint Agnes, the story of a twelve year old girl who challenges Roman marriage law dispels many religious myths.


 January-February 2005

Geof is slowly returning to Lani the Leopard Queenand completing  concurrent assignments, including a brief stint back on The Fountain, as well as the cover art
for a new literary project. 


 October-November 2004

Geof continues his assignment on The Fountain, doing concept illustrations and storyboards for Darren Aronofsky


 September 2004

Geof signs on as storyboard artist for The Fountain, a new Hollywood mega-production filming in Montreal. This science fiction fantasy stars the inimitable Hugh Jackman.

Geof met with independent film maker Paul Carvalho during the editing of Paul's new film exploring the tumultous, victorious life of artist Norval Morrisseau. 
It will appear on CBC's Life and Times.


 August 2004

Geof completed storyboards for Montreal filmmaker Annie MacDonald's new production, The Tarnished Piano.

Geof also completed storyboards for two made-in-Montreal films:

C’est Pas Moi, C’est L’Autre — directed by Alain Zaloum. A comedy involving a small time thief forced to impersonate a cop & changes his life because of his heroic deeds. 

Out of the Barn is a 40-minute docu-drama about terrorists who steal materials to build a nuclear device and then then must deal with reprisals from The White House. Directed by Ben Godard.

May-July 2004


 The adventures of Lani continue—
here is the young heroine with her best pal Ini.

January 2004

Lani the Leopard Queen is the story of two sisters who must survive in a mysterious jungle world, while searching for their parents and learning how to use their magical feline abilities.


December 2003

Geof worked on storyboards with renowned actor and director CHAZZ PALMINTIERI on a new Susan Sarandon/Robin Williams film, NOEL.


November 2003
 Geof continues storyboarding scenes for Noel, whipped up an Anime style poster for Quebec TV show 15-Love and also worked on the bio-pic Ma Vie En Cinemascope, which chronicles the life of legendary Québécoise chanteuse and survivor, Alyse Robi, creating a series of circa-1940s fashion illustrations.

September-October 2003

Geof delved into a most unique assignment, creating reproductions of canvases by such masters as Cezanne
and Monet, to grace the set ("White House" & "Oval Office") of the mini-series First Family: The Reagans, starring
James Brolin and Judy Davis. The production has
been filming in Montreal during the summer and fall
of 2003 and is set to air in November-December.


July 2003

Geof is currently doing storyboards for After Death, the new
Jean Claude Van Damme action flick directed by the one and only Ringo Lam. Geof is also doing concept illustrations for a new YTV series 15-Love and creating a new graphic novel for kids called Lani the Leopard Queen.

 August 2003

Geof is working with production designer  Graham 'Grace' Walker (Crocodile Dundee, Mad Max 2 & 3, Ghost Ship) on a scary new flick called Gothika starring Halle Berry & Robert Downey Jr. 


December 2002

Geof wrapped work on Harmonium, a four-part fait-en-Québec mini series about the famous folk-rock group which will air in February on TQS (Quatre Saisons), Channel 35. Geof's contributions to the film include graphic design, posters and scene transitions. Far freakin' out!


July-October 2002

Geof has been working on the Quebec-made mini-series bio-pic Harmonium, which recounts the journey of the seminal 70s folk rock group. Geof's work can be seen throughout the movie: from illustrated scene transitions to mock-posters of that era, including a giant sidewalk painting.

April 2002

Geof still at work on director Richard (Lethal Weapon) Donner's Timeline 'beats' and storyboards, working with production designer Dan Dorrance (Coppola's Dracula) & Second Unit Director Alan Graff (A Knight's Tale).


February 2002

Geof commences a stint doing storyboards and illustrations for TIMELINE, the RICHARD DONNER blockbuster! 


October-December 2001

Rittenhouse released a new series of Star Trek collector trading cards. Geof's portrait of Uhura is one of the hottest sketch cards, already fetching high bids on the auction circuit. See www.scifihobby.com.

July through September 2001

Geof begins work on an ambitious series of paintings and illustrations entitled GREEK MYTHS 1: Fatal Ladies. He is also producing illustrations for an upcoming kids' OGDEN AND THE ERC. Geof's art is now available for sale on eBay. 


August 2001

MATRIX No. 59 is in print! Check out Geof's provocative yet classical portraits of Greek gods.


 April 2001 

Geof is produced storyboards and concept art for Hysteria,
the Def Leppard bio-pic, which features the inside story of incredible drummer Rick Allen's survival.

Geof's Greek Gods paintings will be featured in the spring issue of the Montreal magazine Matrix.


 January through March 2001

During the spring, Geof continued work on his series of oil landscapes, as well as designing the covers for four new books, including Ann Diamond's sizzling new soft-boiled detective novel, Dead White Males. According to an official from the CHAPTERS book store chain: "This is the most
exciting book cover I've seen in the last thirty years."



© 2000 Ann Diamond and DC Books
Geof did concept illustrations for THE CROW: LAZARUS. He also wrapped a stint doing illustrations for Chuck Barris (yes, the one and only Gong Show king)' CONFESSIONS OF A DANGEROUS MIND. 


In early spring Geof worked on Allan Moyle's hot new film, EXCHANGE,  doing storyboards for Allan as well as award-winning  Director of Photography Pierre Gill. Geof then produced concept illustrations for John MacTiernan's much-talked  about remake of ROLLERBALL.

In November Geof journeyed to Ouarzazate, Morocco to work on a multi-picture production called THE VISUAL BIBLE (visualbible.com)  doing storyboards for special effects whiz Mark Lasoff (who won an Oscar for his work on Titanic).



The year threw Geof some cinematic new curves. From August through October he produced illustrations and storyboards for the TNT movie RACE AGAINST TIME, working with production designer DAVID (BLADE RUNNER) SNYDER. In September Geof wrapped a penciling stint on 





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